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Nicole Georges Bennett is acting Program Director for Life101. She hails from the island of Dominica and has been in broadcasting for 20 years. Nicole is committed to ensuring that the message of salvation only through Jesus Christ is broadcast across North America, the Caribbean and the world. She seeks to maintain quality programming that will inspire, entertain and uplift Life101 radio’s audience!

Helena Joseph is an accomplished broadcaster with experience in radio and television arts. She is looking forward to continuing her extensive ministry work by being a member of Life101 radio’s on-air staff. Her heart’s desire is to spread the good news to the world that Jesus saves!

Julienne Martin surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ years ago. Her Christian walk has been marked by many challenges and triumphs….but then whose hasn’t!  Determined to complete her race victoriously Julienne adopts the mindset that “through Grace I will rise!”

“He lives!” radio program is an avenue which she hopes to use to advertise God’s glory here on the earth in our present times. God is not a myth or made up story. He is real and He lives. Through every broadcast Julienne wants the world to hear of God’s goodness, power and love as He works through the lives. As you listen be encouraged; God is just a radio broadcast and prayer away! Be blessed.

Frankie Shaw is a seasoned announcer and Christian DJ. His focus is Christian programming and he is excited to embark on this new venture as part of the on-air talent of Frankie looks forward to blessing you with his musical selections of contemporary and traditional Caribbean gospel music!

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