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Music Submission

LIFE101 Radio is now accepting new gospel music and sermons for airplay consideration. Please see below for the requirements for submitting your music.

Requirements for submission:

0. Must be in one or more of the following genres: Reggae, bouyon, soca, calypso, zouk, kompa, soul.
1. Music Must be Meta Tagged,
Information must be included with the mp3s submitted.
2. Make sure you are authorized to distribute the music you submit.
3. Music must be Christian/gospel; clearly praising and glorifying our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
4. Music may be of traditional or contemporary styles.
5. Sermons must be 30 minutes or 1 hour long

Please DO NOT submit the same files more than once, we receive hundreds of submissions daily and do our best to review them and respond as soon as possible, if you haven’t heard from us after 90 days you can either re-submit your songs or give us a call and inquire whether we received your original submission.

Use This Form To Submit Your Gospel/Praise Songs and Sermons

Make sure your files are in mp3 format or jpg or png for images. any other file type will be deleted. You can attach a pdf of your bio if you haven't done so before, include a discography if you have one along with purchase links.

Note: Life 101 Radio is focused on Caribbean gospel music and sermons, please only submit if you're from one of the Caribbean islands listed (if you live outside the Caribbean you may submit as long as) your music is of one or more of our listed genres. Music must be in English or an English translation of the song lyrics must be included with your submission. Indie artists preferred.
Your Name:*
Your E-mail:*
Audio type:*
Select only the Genre(s) you are submitting today:*
Which Island are you from?:*
Artist or Band Name:*
Pastor Name:*
Album Title:
Song Title:*
Sermon Title:*
Church Name:*
Album/Song Artwork & Bio:
Upload mp3 files (You can upload 45mb at a time):
Humanity Test:

Submissions not meeting these requirements will not be placed on rotation. Sorry no exceptions.
Please make sure media kits include bio, pic and music meta tagged.
Links to websites will not be accepted as submission, however we will add a link to your website or to any store that sells your music.